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We are Gloat. The revolutionary AI that’s helping to guide the careers of a connected generation. We use real time data to uncover new paths and the career opportunities that can help you pursue them. Gloat helps you find the satisfaction you deserve.

Our Company DNA

We love to innovate, play foosball, and celebrate the small wins along with the big! We use the latest tech stack and are doggie friendly. Our mission is to bring career visibility and satisfaction to others like us, for whom the slow-moving career realities of our parents’ generation are simply not enough.

So we created the work environment we once dreamed of. Here at Gloat, snacks flow in abundance and everyone has a voice. There’s always 4 different kinds of milk in the fridge because we care so much about everyone having what they want and need. Each week ends with a company Happy Hour with special treats and a toast to our continued hard work.