How Unilever Uses AI to Retain, Engage, and Develop Talent

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Meet Donna Geva, VP of Customer Success #WomenatWork

This year, we are honored to celebrate Women’s History Month with a series of interviews from the many voices at Gloat.

We’re led by so many creative and successful women, and today we were fortunate enough to sit down with Donna Geva, our VP of Customer Success.

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The One Thing Every DEI Program Overlooks

diversity, equity and inclusion are an important part of every business function – but to do DEI right, having a diverse and inclusive workforce isn’t enough, nor is it enough to tackle and routinely address biases towards under-represented groups.

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talent agility

What Is Talent Agility, And Why is it Critical for Your Business?

In the tumultuous world we live in, an organization’s ability to quickly react to unforeseen change is of the utmost importance. But unforeseen change is a fickle thing; by definition, it’s unpredictable – so while saying that companies should plan for the unplannable is true, it’s easier said than done.

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Change Management Needs to Change

The term “change management” is now mostly associated with dreary corporate directives that don’t really serve or connect with employees. There’s a reason for that – and a way to fix it.

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change enablement

Creating the Right Environment for Change

Integration of new technologies – especially those that have the potential to introduce deep changes to people’s jobs and routines – can often be met with resistance. It’s not enough to simply make them available and to then assume they’ll be used; for real change to take root, it needs to be actively enabled and promoted. But where should you start?

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