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Change Management Needs to Change

The term “change management” is now mostly associated with dreary corporate directives that don’t really serve or connect with employees. There’s a reason for that – and a way to fix it.

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change enablement

Creating the Right Environment for Change

Integration of new technologies – especially those that have the potential to introduce deep changes to people’s jobs and routines – can often be met with resistance. It’s not enough to simply make them available and to then assume they’ll be used; for real change to take root, it needs to be actively enabled and promoted. But where should you start?

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deskless workforce

The Deskless Workforce

Whether they’re doctors, line workers, mechanics or cooks, huge swaths of many large organizations’ workforces are deskless. Is there a way to connect them to your tech-reliant HR ecosystem if they don’t work with a computer?

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the curious enterprise

The Curious Enterprise

Large enterprises enjoy many advantages; extended resources, funds, manpower. But what are they worth if curiosity isn’t encouraged and supported on a company-culture level?

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talent marketplace

Rediscovering Your Workforce

As companies’ needs change, so do their talent pools. But what if organizations were able to look at their workforces and instead ask, “What can we do with our existing resources”?

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AI Talent marketplace

Who is your AI Working For?

As organizations become increasingly reliant on big data and AI, it’s time to start thinking about your company’s data policy. Who is your AI really working for?

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