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Gloat's Internal Talent Marketplace helps enterprises democratize career development, unlock skills, and future-proof their workforce. 

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Gloat is a Talent Marketplace Platform


Mobilize talent throughout the organization to fill open positions. Harness your employees’ career goals to align with your business needs.

Talent Agility Marketplace

Connect employees to short-term projects outside of their job descriptions. Bolster organizational agility, unlock hidden talent and increase engagement.

Utilize advanced AI to build relationships across hierarchies and generations, taking hopes and aspirations into account, not just professional experience.             
Give employees the agency to navigate an experience-based, personally tailored lattice of diverse career paths and potentials.                                                          
Future-proof your company from impending skill gaps and strategic vacancies with increased visibility, low-latency tracking, and actionable succession plans.              
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Balance skills, availability and aspirations at scale when staffing projects and gigs with the help of AI-driven recommendations.


Enhance decision-making through meaningful insights. From skill abundance to impending gaps and trends, Gloat will ensure you’re always prepared.


Enable managers to chart their team’s abilities, track members’ development and take an active role in employee career pathing.    

Gloat unlocks opportunities for…

With Gloat companies increase agility, adaptability and employee engagement. Gloat gives organizations the power to quickly reallocate talent at scale. Our platform provides HR professionals with a robust array of indispensable talent management tools, letting them easily develop engagement, retention, and capabilities.

Whether it’s an immediate need to funnel talent at speed to high demand areas within the organization, or drafting long-term strategic plans based on high-resolution data, Gloat is crucial for managing your workforce today, and future-proofing it for tomorrow.

Increase business agility, reallocate talent, unlock skills across the enterprise, and optimize their workforce agility & adaptability for the future. 

Gloat makes strategic workforce planning smarter by drawing on a real-time view of the supply and demand for skills within the organization generated by the internal talent marketplace. Compare the skills of your organization with industry benchmarks, adapt faster and stay ahead of the competition. Drive cost out of the business by improving workforce utilization and retention, while opening up  new pathways for innovation and productivity.

With Gloat, managers can unlock capacity and harness talent from across the entire organization. Our platform takes employees’ personal aspirations, career trajectories, and past professional experiences into account, letting managers construct ideal teams for anything from short-term projects to long term, ongoing company functions.

Managers can also track the goal-oriented progress of the team as a whole, as well as the personal growth of specific employees, giving you clear visibility and insight into what your team members need from you to grow and fulfill their potential.

Gloat empowers employees to take the wheel and navigate their own careers in alignment with company goals. Employees become more agile, actively engaged and invested in company goals, and emboldened to seize opportunities within the company that fall outside of their predetermined job descriptions.

Our unbiased, AI-driven career pathing tools let employees take part in a first-of-its-kind, one-stop-shop of internal career opportunities. With the increased visibility it brings, their ability to act on their career plans and grow is significantly increased.

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