Pioneering the agile workforce

Here’s why the world’s largest employers choose Gloat’s revolutionary
internal talent marketplace platform, time and time again.

Self-evolving science

While talent management traditionally relies on static job architectures, strictly defined roles, and rigid career path models with a short shelf life – we’ve taken a radically different approach. With the help of our AI-powered, self-evolving ontology, Gloat continuously maps the evolving reality of work and careers within your company, creating new ways to look at your organization, and allowing a new paradigm of agile work and development – with minimum effort on your end.
Leveraging data generated by employees and from across the HR tech stack, Gloat lets clients understand the evolving relationships between skills and roles, and provides users with development opportunities that are aligned with both employee aspirations and organizational goals. 

The only proven, scalable solution

Gloat’s platform is the first of its kind, and the only proven technology powering internal talent marketplaces at a global scale within Fortune 500 companies. Our solution has already been implemented and fully adopted by organizations with 100,000+ users, spread across over 120 countries. Our platform successfully matches hundreds of thousands of opportunities to millions of employees around the globe, every single day.
Every company we partner with helps make us better by strengthening our AI, and contributing valuable insights, which all of our clients benefit from.

gloat success stories

With you, every step of the way

We realize that deploying Gloat is the beginning of a new chapter for your organization and that sustainable change is a process that takes work. Our years of C&E experience have resulted in more than just product innovation, and we’re committed to putting our insights and expertise in implementation and deployment at your disposal. We’ll be there with you from day one, through launch and all the way to a company-wide rollout and beyond, providing the change management guidance and support that you’ll need to ensure that everyone, from employees to managers to executives, adopts, adapts, and transforms.

Employees love Gloat

No arduous profile creation or hour-long questionnaires; onboarding with Gloat only takes 90 seconds.
Employees engage with Gloat the same way they engage with any modern, consumer-grade product: intuitive UI, personalized content, and seamless integration with platforms they know and love.
Being the lifeblood of an internal talent marketplace, employee engagement dictates everything we do at Gloat is employee-first. When employees engage with the platform, they generate new data, our algorithms get stronger, matches become more relevant, and end-user use increases, creating a powerful, self-perpetuating cycle.

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