Ensure talent continuity

Future-proof your company from impending skill gaps and strategic vacancies with increased visibility, low-latency tracking, and actionable succession plans.

A company-wide perspective

Successful succession planning and decision making rely on having access to the most relevant data, quickly. Our tools allow for real-time, scalable insights into company structure, resources, and talent allocation, letting you make informed decisions when they matter most.

Recognize gaps instantly

Gloat lets your organization instantly recognize skills and manpower gaps, you have in light of company strategy, by continually assessing current and future projects, jobs, and talent and skill availability.

Take immediate action

Once gaps have been recognized, your organization can address them immediately. HR leaders can set new recruitment goals and staff new projects and positions quickly and economically. Planning for the future has never been easier.

Explore more solutions

Balance skills, availability and aspirations at scale when staffing projects and gigs with the help of AI-driven recommendations.

Enhance decision-making through meaningful insights. From skill abundance to impending gaps and trends, Gloat will ensure you’re always prepared.

Enable managers to chart their team’s abilities, track members’ development and take an active role in employee career pathing.

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Let's get acquainted

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