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As AI Spreads, Tech Needs 'Chief Bias Officers'

How can organizations be confident that the data on which they and their AI systems rely on are truly adequate and not reinforcing discriminatory patterns?

AI 100: the artificial intelligence startups redefining industries

The AI 100 list ranks the most promising private AI startups in the world

How AI can help redesign the employee experience

Give people opportunities to do new things inside your company, before they start sniffing around and leave

This Is how you’ll look for a job in 2019

Empower employees to browse opportunities and achieve horizontal career growth as well as traditional vertical progression

These 100 companies are leading the way in artificial intelligence

Whether you fear it or embrace it, the AI revolution is coming and it promises to have an enormous impact on the world economy

Gloat launches InnerMobility, a talent management platform and app

After analyzing career patterns through AI and deep learning for many years, InnerMobility is the solution to develop talent and prevent turnover on all corporate levels

See InnerMobility in action

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