Build relationships that matter

Utilize AI to bring employees together at scale across hierarchies and generations. Create new learning relationships based on more than just professional experience.

Artificial intelligence, organic relationships

Long-term organizational knowledge is a highly valuable company resource, and getting the relevant knowledge to the right place at scale is difficult. In a mentoring program powered by Gloat, AI algorithms holistically match employees by considering their skills, career aspirations, development goals, and desired career paths in addition to their current positions in the company. The result is high impact learning relationships at every employee’s fingertips – elevator networking, democratized. 

Non-intuitive matching

Advanced organizational mapping ensures that candidates for mentorship programs are suggested based on their overall career paths and professional trajectories, and are selected from all across the company, unlimited by organizational structure or hierarchy, connecting dots that other processes miss.

Cross organizational, cross generational

Gloat’s AI allows you to cross hierarchical and generational divides with ease, enabling unique insights and better communication within the organization as a whole. Drawing from an organization-wide pool of candidates, traditional, reverse, and peer mentorship programs allow employees to find the right match for them, no matter what they are looking for.

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Balance skills, availability and aspirations at scale when staffing projects and gigs with the help of AI-driven recommendations.

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