Career Development, Solved.​

Gloat's AI-powered internal talent marketplace democratizes career development, unlocks skills, and helps enterprises build a future-proof workforce.

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Match people and opportunities

With Gloat your employees are personally matched with a spectrum of career opportunities such as full-time positions, part-time projects, mentorships and talent swaps.

Discover new ways to apply your existing talent that makes people happy. When your team is satisfied, productivity grows and employees stick around.

Individuals across your organization reach their dreams and full potential and your company enjoys the hidden talents that come to life.

Unearth the treasures of knowledge and build direct connections across hierarchies, bringing people together and strengthening your company.

The first ever Internal Talent Marketplace

Gain unprecedented visibility to the skills and aspirations of your workforce. Engage employees with career opportunities that align with both their professional goals and with your current organizational needs.

Increase employee retention and engagement with a talent marketplace where people can discover personalized internal career opportunities like projects, mentoring, and new roles.

Optimize the way you match people and experiences, at speed. Get fast access to the right talent already employed at your organization while enhancing people’s skills.

Revamp your succession planning with the comprehensive visibility that only Artificial Intelligence can provide. Prepare your organization for the future of work.

Gloat integrates perfectly with your HR, HCM, learning, performance, and IT platforms to provide richer experiences to everyone at your company.

With mobile apps for iOS and Android, employees are engaged on-the-go with real time access to career opportunities within your organization. 

In The News

The Company As A Talent Marketplace: Unilever and Schneider Electric Show The Way​

Josh Bersin explains how Gloat's InnerMobility is being leveraged by Unilever and Schneider Electric to foster an internal talent marketplace within their companies.

As Artificial Intelligence Spreads, Tech Needs 'Chief Bias Officers' To Help Out

How can organizations be confident that the data on which they and their AI systems rely on are truly adequate and not reinforcing discriminatory patterns?

Why Companies Need To Look Within: Reduce Costs and Build Agile, Productive Staff

By recruiting existing internal talent for other open roles with Gloat, companies can cut down on the cost and time it takes to find a new hire and improve overall productivity.

See Gloat's InnerMobility in action

Learn how we can redefine the future of work together.

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