Knowledge for all

Unearth the treasures of knowledge and build direct connections across hierarchies, bringing people together and strengthening your company.

Run successful and inclusive mentorship programs

Match individuals across your organization with inspiring leaders, building meaningful connections and passing along knowledge to a new generation.

Connect leadership with internal specialists

With reverse mentorships, leaders across your organziation gain direct access to unique specialists already at your company.

Empower employees with new experiences

Empower your people to identify and reach career goals by harnessing big data to highlight unimaginable paths.

Sona Venkat

GM Business Development, Microsoft

“Talent development has to be agile, continuous, and team driven. InnerMobility by Gloat is a game changer for enterprises that want to stay relevant in the ever changing workforce of tomorrow.”

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Individuals across your organization reach their dreams and full potential and your company enjoys the hidden talents that come to life.

Discover new ways to apply your existing talent in a way that makes people happy. When your team is satisfied, productivity grows and employees stick around.

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