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We make businesses thrive by empowering individuals to reach their full career potential.


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Our mission is to democratize career development, unlock skills, and build a future-proof workforce. 

In the past, career development and insights were limited to the well-connected and privileged. We’re here to change that and have built the right artificial intelligence to bring individuals the power of a well-advised insider when it comes to their own careers. 

Our story

We began in the minds of Ben Reuveni, Amichai Schreiber, and Danny Shteinberg with the vision of applying artificial intelligence and advanced data science to career management. Our initial focus was our recruitment marketplace, matching people with personalized career moves anonymously – allowing users to accept and reject approaches from companies and stay on the pulse of their demand in the market. 

After realizing the struggles both enterprises and their employees face in a rapidly changing working world, we created the world’s first two-sided talent marketplace, InnerMobility, matching employees with personalized career opportunities within the organization while providing managers with full visibility and frictionless access to talent skills. 

We love what we do and practice what we preach. We are a company built on the dream of career fulfillment for all. 


Gloat’s InnerMobility is the first ever internal talent marketplace that drives business growth and agility by empowering individuals to find career opportunities within the company and reach their maximum potential.

Helping top enterprises like Unilever, Schneider Electric, and others, InnerMobility empowers employees to manage their own careers within their current companies to achieve their career potential while maximizing productivity and business growth for the organization. 

Gloat’s Marketplace for individuals and startups is a talent marketplace connecting top tier talent with the most innovative companies. 

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Magma Venture Partners first invested in Gloat as an anonymous recruitment platform at the seed level and has been supporting us on this exciting journey ever since, joined later by PICO Partners.

Eight Roads Ventures, the proprietary investment firm backed by Fidelity, led our series B funding round alongside Intel Capital. These funds are being used to accelerate the company’s growth.


We’re proud to work with the world’s top enterprises and empower innovative startups & talent. 

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