Distribute talent, the right way

Balance skills, availability and aspirations at scale by staffing projects and gigs with the help of AI-driven recommendations.

Based on availability and skills

In project-oriented environments, the availability of prospective talent is just as important as their skill sets. Gloat’s platform gives staffers real-time visibility into talent availability, as well as nuanced insight into their skills and professional experience. 

See your best options first

Spending excess time on finding the right candidate for a project delays the process and can impact the project’s success in the long run. Our platform makes sure that you see the most relevant internal candidates first, using a sophisticated AI algorithm to analyze their abilities, past experiences, availability, and professional aspirations to save you valuable time.

Talent and project overview

Our platform lets employees act more independently to join projects that interest them, while still giving managers full visibility into their past, current, and future work. At the same time, in-demand projects, participants, and skills are constantly recorded and time-logged, creating an organization-wide database that is more up-to-date and relevant than ever.

Heightened talent agility

Through dynamic talent allocation, employees become highly agile within the organization, allowing them to take ownership of their professional paths. Employees are encouraged to connect with and contribute to company-wide goals on a personal level, resulting in heightened engagement, flexibility, and growth, both for employees and the organization as a whole.

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Enhance decision-making through meaningful insights. From skill abundance to impending gaps and trends, Gloat will ensure you’re always prepared.

Enable managers to chart their team’s abilities, track members’ development and take an active role in employee career pathing.

Mobilize talent throughout the organization to fill open positions. Harness your employees’ career goals to align with your business needs.

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